Members of the Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association welcome you to IAFF Local 548!
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Welcome, take a look!
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Don't forget to change your detector batteries!

A great time to change your detector batteries is when you change your clocks...not only your smoke detectors, but carbon monoxide detectors too! 

The National Fire Protection Association recommends changing the batteries in these detection devices every Spring and Fall when you adjust your clock settings. This will help ensure the device(s) in your home will have sufficient electrical power to sound the alarm and notify you in the event it detects an emergency situation.

Also, proper maintenance of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors helps prevent false calls. Many times an alarm activation from of these devices turns out to be a low battery “chirp”, not an actual “alarm”. False “alarms” due to low batter chirps create unnecessary risks for responding firefighters, that could have been prevented with proper maintenance of these devices.



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